Top Best Free Video editing software for windows

video editing software

Top Best Free Video editing software for windows

Use this below Best Free Video editing software and simple to edit your video, movies etc. This is the best for beginner’s editors.  And this video editing software is open source with more features you will be able to find easily on internet and can download it.

If you want to start edit video and want to learn. Then this free video editing software will help you to edit video with basic editing like cutting, trimming, cropping, rotating etc.

Below we have pick the Best Free Video editing software that is available for windows. Now you can select from list and install in your pc and start edit video that you want

Select free online video editor from the list

  • Lightworks

Lightworks is one of the best free video editing software that produces video up to 4k Resolution. There is also paid version available

In the Free version you can’t import 4k video file, limited exporting option. You can purchase if you want to export 4k video there are three option available to buy monthly, yearly and lifetime


  1. Easy, Simple and best user interface
  2. Easy way to editing and trimming
  3. Real time ready for the use audio and video
  4. Also tutorial available for better understand
  • VSDC Free Video Editor Software

VSDC is a window based one kind of free video editor software. Download and use it without any kind of restriction. There are main benefits to use because you will not get any watermark, ads etc.

Also Pro. Version available for advance users you want tech support then it will start from $10.  And pro. Version is available for $19.


  1. You can create different shade mask to hiding, blurring in certain element
  2. Easy to export social icon.
  3. Instagram like filter
  4. Smoothly animation, rotation relative position.
  5. Simple to use in your desktop
  • DaVinci Resolve

This free video editor software provide profession editing in HD and Ultra HD, There are 2 types of tool one of free and another is paid, Free tools name called is DaVinci Resolve 15 and Paid version name called id Davinci Resolve 15 Studio and its available for $299.


  1. Sound editor and picture editor can run parallel.
  2. You can run on Operating system like Mac, Windows and Linux.
  3. Profession editing tools and work up to 60 frame per second
  4. Virtually imaginable editing and trimming tools available
  • Filmwora

Filmwora is best free video editing software ever. It’s based on Mac, windows, iOs and Android. But in this you will get water mark in free trial version.

So. Purchase license with reasonable rate. There are 3 options to buy

  • 1 Year License for $45
  • Lifetime License for $59.
  • Multi User license for 2 to 5 PC for $180


  1. GIF Support and 4k Editing
  2. Remove back end noise, reverse and sake effect
  3. Social icon import
  4. High and low speed control
  5. Green screen, split screen and recording screen
  6. You can add 5 text track and 10 music track in timeline
  • Freemake

In this video editing software you can use without registration, time limitation or hidden cost. There is all free nothing to pay. All Freemake program you can free to download.


  • You can convert video and download
  • Convert to Mp4, avi, DVD, iphone, android
  • Cut Video and Join and rotate clips
  • Embed video to website
  • Convert YouTube to anything

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