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playerunknown's battlegrounds

Pubg already a month into the launch of Vikendi and have been pouring over the data and community feedback about our latest map. On top of loot balance changes, and its introducing some great new content to Vikendi as well including a new weapon, vehicle, attachment, and the long-awaited Moonlight weather setting for Vikendi. There are also some bug fixed, so check out below all the changes!

So, join now on the test server to try out all the latest changes to PUBG before they deploy to live servers.

Update New Weapon: Bizon

Image Credit :- PUBg

New Added SMG weapon- the Bizon

  • Bizon is for Vikendi and Erangel
  • by default to Uses 9mm ammunition and holds 53 rounds
  • Can only take muzzle and sight attachments

Update New Attachment: Canted Sight

Image Credit :- PUBg
  • Added Canted Sight as a new attachment
  • Canted sight is a new to weapons with a secondary slot
  • Press alt+ Right click toggles in between equipped sights
  • Canted sight can be used with
  • AR – Beryl M762, AKM, AUG, M416, Mutant, QBZ, SCAR-L, G36C
  • DMR – SLR, Mini14, Mk14, QBU, SKS
  • SR – AWM, M24, Kar98k
  • SMG – UMP, Vector, Bizon
  • Shotgun – S12K
  • LMG – M249

In update of Canted Sight, the weapon’s position and view of angle might feel slightly different than before while in ADS. However, any features which might affect gunplay, Such as scope position in ADS, FOV, and recoil, were not changed.

Update New Vehicle: Snowbike

Image Credit :- PUBg

This new vehicle that you can only be found on Vikendi

  • Snowbike is fast and better mobility than the Snowmobile, however, it’s much less durable and easily destroyed.

Updated Whether Setting :- world

Image Credit :- PUBg

The setting is at night, the big glowing super moon and bright aurora borealis will help you to detect enemies

Updated BattleStat weapon skin

Image Credit :- PUBg

You can find number of players killed with that weapon is recorded/displayed on the skin.

  • Press J in-game to instant view the number of kills made with that weapon.

Known Issues (Test Server Update – 23rd January)

Current Issues:

  • UMP skins will accidentally be applied to the Bizon.
  • if you’ve got several skins in your inventory. BattleStat info text overlaps with the UI.
  • Throwables don’t seem to be dealing harm to sure vehicles.
  • Players within the vehicles are broken as traditional.
  • Skorpion is incorrectly categorized as associate SMG rather than throw, inflicting problems associated with Survivor Pass missions.
  • In War Mode with Platoon team setting, the remaining players UI for the Red and Blue groups are switched.

Resolved Issues:

  • In Main Menu Voice chat was not working

All Resource Credit :- PUBg

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