How to make money on youtube online 2019.

make money from youtube

How to make money on youtube online 2019.

Here some simple steps for how to make money on youtube online. Youtube is one of the best platforms for video marketing on any categories. In a day there are number of video shared on youtube. Its best because of anyone can make video and upload on youtube using this way they also can be part of make money as per terms and condition.

Youtube is large scale of video sharing platform it support 50+ language and its own Google product. It’s one and only space that you can share your knowledge through video and make money on youtube. So first you have to decide what you can share based on your knowledge. After then read below steps to start youtube channel and how you can make money.

Step to start YouTube channel

  • Make channel on YouTube

You can make YouTube channel at easy. Just you need Google email address. Set name of your channel unique and set it related your topic. Add some description in your channel and also add some keyword in your channel related to your topics. Through that people can easily search your channel and watch it. Got o advance setting for all about setup.

  • Make Strong Content

Your topic content should be strong and make sure it high quality and is not long. You also have to upload video on specific time period and consistently. This will help you to bring more viewers and subscribers. Youtube check your content and your patience to rank your videos so be update regularly and consistently.

Note: – Use better camera for your video quality

  • Attract your audience

Make video only on user benefits. They will automatically view your video and subscribe your channel. Use simple and sweet thumbline for your video give them advance news of video is coming soon etc. after uploading video engage with viewer and solve their query for your future engagement.  Keep it consistent.

Note: – Share your video on all social media to build user trust and better engagement

  • Apply for monetize youtube videos

After user growth you want make money on youtube? You need to monetize your youtube channel. After approval ads will appear in your videos. Before apply for monetization check, there should not be copyrighted content on your video otherwise you will not be allowed.

  • Make money on youtube with adsense

Google adsense is integrated with Gmail account and its free setup. You can setup it on your channel in monetization tab. After enable it. Google ads will appear in your videos, when people watch your Google ads on your videos you will get payout as per ads. You need to set payment method on adsense account to receive payment. You will payment as per their terms

  • Share your video to Make more Money

You can share your video on all social media like all over internet to grow your revenue. When all people watch your video from all over the platform.  Also ads will show them so you will get extra revenue by sharing.

Also one other option is for earning is that sponsored video. Through this you also can make money but as per our topic is “how to make money on youtube” so, we are not describing more on “sponsored video”

Follow above steps to start you career with youtube. Make big journey with youtube and make money in dollars on every videos.

If any confusion post comment we had love to hear back from you.

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