Brain Teasers Riddles for kids, adults – Fun for the brain

brain teasers riddles

Brain Teasers Riddles for kids, adults – Fun for the brain

As per today’s with digital platform are discouraging our thinking, leading and brain. Just put your mind to construct by solving these brain teasers riddles which are loads fun for the brain.  Riddles are one of the teasers it come in the form of short question. We challenge with these brain teaser. We need to think with innovative ways. At end of the answer we will realize the answer by exercising.

Here the below Fun for the Brain teaser Riddles for kids and adults

Riddles and Brain Teaser for kids with Answer

  • Which word begin with E and end with E ?(Only one letter)

Answer: – Envelope

  • Which word start with letter of “L” end with “L ” and Filled with “L”?

Answer: – Teapot

  • Which Month have 28 Days?

Answer: – February (If it’s non leap year)

  • Who has but can’t clap?

Answer: – Clock

  • What is belongs to you but it’s used by others?

Answer: – Your Name

  • What can’t throw but can do catch?

Answer: – Cold

  • Which is the faster travel? Hot or Cold?

Answer: – Hot, because Cold can catch

  • Which tire doesn’t move when your car turns right way?

Answer: – Spare tire

  • People buy it for eat. But never eat? What is it?

Answer: – Plate

  • It’s only increase and never decreases. What is it?

Answer: – Our age

Riddles and Brain Teaser for Adults with Answer

  • I am tall when I am young and I am short when I am old what I am?

Answer: – Candle

  • Take off my skin, I will not cry but you will cry what I am?

Answer: – Onion

  • What is always coming but never arrives?

Answer: – Tomorrow

  • Just Imagine you are in the dark room. How do you get out from room?

Answer: – Stop imagine

  • Who is always poor health?

Answer: – Doctor

  • What makes more as you take them?

Answer: – Footsteps

  • When you have me, you immediately feel like sharing me. But, if you share me, you don’t have.

Answer: – Secret

  • What goes the up and down but doesn’t move?

Answer: – Staircase

  • What should you do when you see the green man?

Answer: – Cross the road

  • Which is the longest word in dictionary?

Answer: – Smiles (In between S’s it will be miles)

  • Find the 10 Letter word in English language which are located in 1 row of the Computer keyword only.

Answer: – Typewriter

Reference: – Google

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